about our coffee

Birds of a Feather Coffee Company is committed to providing customers with delicious, fresh-roasted, specialty-grade coffees. We purchase only the highest quality beans and roast them to perfection in a small-batch artisan roaster. Our flagship blends are crafted to be complex but approachable. They highlight the best qualities of beans from around the world and provide a consistent, flavorful cup of coffee all year round.

Many people don’t realize that coffee is a seasonal crop. Growers in most regions only produce one crop a year. That means if you are drinking a Sumatran in November, those beans were probably harvested last winter! By creating blends rather than single-origin coffees, we can ensure that we source beans that are at peak freshness and still maintain the same great flavor in the cup.

To do this, we cup several small-lot, specialty-grade coffees and make detailed notes on their quality, flavor profile, mouthfeel, etc. We then take the best candidates and blend them in different proportions to find the perfect combination. Once this base recipe is created, roasting parameters can be tweaked and optimized to make sure the same great flavors come through no matter what the season.

Whether you are a Morning Lark who likes a bright and refreshing light roast, a Night Owl who likes a rich and deep dark roast, or a Hummingbird who likes a balanced and nutty decaf, Birds of a Feather has the perfect coffee for you.

How We Source Our Coffees

Available Coffees