The beginning of the beginning

Hi everyone. My name is Neil and I'm obsessed with coffee. Well, coffee, food, wine, craft beer, anything that's delicious. For years, I've been buying specialty coffees from some of the top roasters in the country; Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, and more. Eventually, I thought to myself, I brew my own beer (that I love) and don't even drink that every day, why don't I roast my own coffee. It turns out that roasting is not only just as rewarding, but WAY less labor intensive than 5 hour brewing sessions. 

So I bought my home roaster and enjoyed the freshest, finest coffee I've had outside of the best that the best had to offer. Heck, some of them were better than the best I'd had because I was able to pick the beans and roast them exactly how I wanted. A lot of other folks seemed to enjoy my coffees too. A few even offered to buy it. So here I am, starting a small roasting company and trying to make a go of it in Tampa Bay.

There are a handful of roasters in the area and they do it well. But everyone's palate is different and I think there is more than enough room for everyone to win. My goal is to provide fresh, complex, but approachable blends that my customers can count on day in and day out. I'll feature a few single origins here and there when something stands out. I may even craft a signature blend or two that push the boundaries of the "everyday drinker". 

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Stay tuned for updates on my latest cuppings, videos on how coffee goes from the farm to the cup, and some conversations with what I hope will be some interesting people.