Cameroon Mifi Bamboutos Mountain


Cameroon Mifi Bamboutos Mountain


12 oz bag

Roast: City+

Cup Qualities: Structured

Flavors: Graham Cracker, Cocoa

Never had a coffee from Cameroon? You’re not alone. I don’t see them often and can’t always bring in a new coffee when they ARE available. This little gem came in a really small lot and I’ve played with a few different expressions of it. Ultimately, I settled on an ever so slightly darker roast at the edge of City+ and Full City. This brought out a ton of sweetness, cocoa goodness, and a rich graham cracker base. Don’t expect it to taste like a s’more unless you dress it up with some sugar and maybe whipped cream! Seriously though, I think this is quite a crowd pleaser and will go fast once it catches on. Get it while it lasts.

This coffee shows both sweet and savory notes in the aroma and cup, and with an essence that is in many ways like pumpkin pie. There's buttery crust smell in both the dry fragrance and wet crust - flaked pie crust - tinged with baking spice and nice core coffee bittersweetness. At City+ the cup has pleasant body, and conveys succinct brown sugar sweetness with a roasted barley note. A nice savory-sweet mix of baked sweet yam and raw sugar is furnished as it cools down a bit, making way for enduring sweet and nutmeg-spiced finish.

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