Ethiopia Natural Process - Illubabor Dabi


Ethiopia Natural Process - Illubabor Dabi


12 oz bag

Roast: City+

Cup Qualities: Juicy

Flavors: Blueberry, nougat

The natural process Illubabor Dabi is a very unique coffee and the first dry process coffee we have brought in as a single origin offering. Though it has some earthy base notes, it showcases the fruity character that the natural process elicits. The reason for this is the beans are dried with the cherry remaining on the bean and then the fruit is pulped off, unlike washed coffees (probably what you are used to) where the fruit is removed before washing and drying the beans.

At City+ the brewed coffee yields big berry notes that are perhaps a bit muddled at this stage, but are somewhere in the blackberry/blueberry flavor matrix. The cooling coffee has much in the way of cooked fruit intimations, berry being the most obvious, but others to note include cantaloupe, musky chermioya, and canned plums. It isn’t a pure fruit bomb like some other natural processes I’ve had, but I think that’s what lends it a little more body, smoothness, and depth that make it a beautiful brewed coffee, but also a wild single origin espresso option.

If you’ve never had a natural process coffee, I think it’s worth a try just to experience the other side of the processing spectrum.

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