Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain


Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain


12 oz bag

Roast: City

Cup Qualities: Soft, balanced

Flavors: Honeysuckle, earthiness

This is truly one of the best coffees I have had the privilege of sourcing in the last several years. The flavors are so clean and immaculate it is actually the first single origin bean I have brought in exclusively for the Finches Series. 

This is a delicate and gorgeous coffee. The first thing you are going to notice is the prominent floral notes of the cup; jasmine and honeysuckle. You can get that just from the smell. As you take a sip, the floral notes stay right up front with a nice balanced earthiness that rounds out the flavor. It's a perfect backbone to keep coffee lovers coming back for sip after sip. It has a clean acidity that calms down as the cup cools and a soft mouthfeel that brightens even more if you brew this as a pourover. I think this is what specialty coffee is all about.

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