Tanzania Mbeya Highlands Peaberry


Tanzania Mbeya Highlands Peaberry


12 oz bag

Varietal: Arusha, Bourbon, N-39

Grade: Peaberry

Region: Mbeya District

Peaberry is the name given to coffee beans that come from a coffee cherry with only one seed. Most coffee cherries will have two seeds. Peaberry beans as you'll notice are more spherical than your normal oblong bean and this one from Tanzania really shines.

The best word to describe this coffee is complex. It has a lot going on. You get some very nice toasted grain flavors, a noticeable apricot stone fruit note, and a pleasing acidity. As a pour over, this bean will shine. It will bring out the fruity notes and give it a very crisp mouthfeel. It's quite a delicate cup. Any way you brew it though, it's a great example of the complexity a single origin can bring.

Roast: City

Cup Qualities: Clean, Structured

Flavors: Toasted Barley, Apricot

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