how we source our coffee

Birds of a Feather Coffee Company is committed to providing customers with only the freshest, highest-quality specialty coffees. Specialty coffee is defined a number of ways, but the hallmarks are smaller lots from specific farms or cooperatives of farmers from a small geographic region. The focus is on the quality of the beans grown, not the quantity. In contrast, commodity coffees are the ones you’d expect from large chains who have to buy millions of pounds of beans by the cargo container-full. Sure, it’s cheaper that way, but the beans aren’t going to be great.

Coffee Cupping Spider Chart

Specifically, all our coffees have received a cupping score above 85 according to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards. Anything below 85 is not considered a specialty coffee by their criteria. A cupping score isn’t the end of the story though. Much like wine or craft beer, a higher rating doesn’t necessarily mean we like that coffee more. We cup a fair number of beans looking for specific flavors and cup characteristics to develop our blends and to identify outstanding single-origin coffees that we think people will enjoy. The end result is a curated offering of great coffees that we believe will speak to a wide range of coffee lovers.

On the topic of sourcing beans, we believe that everyone should get a fair price for their product and benefit from their contribution to your morning cup of coffee. That is why all our beans are purchased from suppliers via direct trade. What that means is our suppliers directly negotiate prices with the farmers and pay a minimum of 50% above Fair Trade prices, and often times significantly more than that. Why not just buy Fair Trade coffee? Well, the Fair Trade certification has very specific requirements including only applying to farmer cooperatives and not independent farmers. Because of this, some of our coffees may be Fair Trade certified and some may not. But rest assured, all of them are sourced responsibly with a commitment to making sure everyone wins.